Monday, June 14, 2010

Caravan Camper

From top: No Chintz, Snail Trail (2)

Long weekends are the perfect time to escape suburbia in a caravan outfitted with the bare essentials. OK, Betty's camper may not be bare, but who wouldn't enjoy a little peace and quiet in the country in this home away from home? Whether you skip town or stay in, create your own retro paradise inspired by a vintage getaway.

If you're lucky enough to have your own caravan, you can find the perfect fabric to make everything from an awning to cushions at Or check out the beauties for rent at Otherwise, make your kitchen or den feel like a mid-century trailer with Betty's Etsy picks.

Clockwise from top left:,,,,,,,,


  1. WOW! love the retro reds! Thanks for featuring my fresh strawberries pillow--your blog is awesome:)

  2. What a lovely collection of items. I would be one happy maker if my bunting ever found its way into a caravan :)

    Great blog by the way!

  3. So bright and cheerful! I love all of the items and your camper is adorable! Thank you so much for adding my red and white canister set from Jodys Vintage to the collection.

  4. Super cute blog! Your camper is amazing! Thanks for featuring our mug set :)

  5. Betty's camper is stuck in the 1950's with her but these wonderfully retro campers can be found at and!

  6. SOO summer-y I wanna go camping!