Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tupperware: A Suburban Revolution

After attending her first Tupperware party at a neighbor's home, Betty was inspired! With its airtight lid, never again would she have to worry about how to store her famous potato salad or transport her fragile Lime Jello-O mold. Betty and her food were on the go! Whether hosting a backyard BBQ or a picnic in the park, Tupperware is always part of the preparation and presentation.

Created in 1946, these plastic containers gained momentum in the 1950's and have been going strong ever since. Stop by to pick up these wonderfully retro looking products or find out how to plan a party of your own. Yes, they still exist!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Classic Cardigan

Betty knows the power of the cardigan and you should, too! Whether worn with pants or a skirt, they rose to fame in the 1950's and have not gone out of fashion since. An essential piece in any woman's closet, these sweaters can be dressed up or down. Pair your cardigan with a headband or beads to evoke Betty's mid-century style and add earrings for a modern twist. With these picks, you can mix and match to make this classic sweater your own. So, however you wear it, listen to Betty because the cardigan is always a perfect fit!

Clockwise from top left:, Mod Cloth, Lulu's, Luck Loo Loo, Lulu's, Mod Cloth,, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Sweets & Treats!

Betty likes her Easter baskets to be as sweet and sophisticated as her white gloves and floral Easter hat. With these great finds you, too, can create baskets for children and adults that look vintage, yet feel modern. Throw out those plastic pastel eggs and that crinkled artificial grass and give treats that evoke mid-century style. Just like Betty does!

In case you didn't know, Peeps were created in 1953. That makes them as retro as they are popular!

Clockwise from top left: Target, William Sonoma, Secret Spoon Sweets, Peeps, Hello! Lucky, Pottery Barn, Godiva, William Sonoma

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Garden Kitsch

Yes, it is April Fools Day, but the plastic pink flamingo is no joke! Created in 1957 as many families, including Betty's, moved to the suburbs, this garden accessory became all the rage. Even Betty couldn't resist. If you have a fondness for all things pink and plastic, but don't want to display your love for kitsch on your front lawn, than plant-sized flamingos are for you! At you can get your very own mini pink flamingo. As if that weren't enough, they also sell a mini version of the lawn gnome, fawn and jockey. So give in to your desires - your neighbors will never have to know!