Monday, August 24, 2009

When The Road Is Calling

Every summer Betty loads the kids into the car, her husband fumbles with his map, and they are off. But Betty is not the type of woman to spend two weeks driving across the country squished into their old Ford. Yes, she knows that comfort waits at every site they visit because of the new Airstream trailer attached to their car. Outfitted with all the necessities of home, Betty’s family is ready for anything! Sitting outside in their Russel Woodard chairs they start each morning sipping coffee and end every night wrapped in blankets looking up at the stars. The only time the kids complain is when they start to head home.

Whether you're restoring a mid-century trailer, just bought a new Airstream, or redecorating your mobile home, check out Betty’s vintage Etsy finds. Don’t forget the kitsch! Cute planters like the ceramic bird above and old beer coasters are simple and fun!

If sleeping in a trailer is your idea of the perfect vacation, then check out these wonderfully retro mobile home hotels.

The Shady Dell Trailer Court: Bisbee, AZ

StarLux: Wildwood, NJ

BelRepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park: Southern France

Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel: Mt. Tremper, NY

Clockwise from top left: BelRepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park,,, The Shady Dell Trailer Court,,, The Shady Dell Trailer Court,,

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